I look at you today my child

And I see what you’ve become from who you were

And oh! Who you will be

Because I made you

Perfectly and Wonderfully

I have seen you laugh, I have seen you cry

I have seen you get frustrated and depressed

And I have seen you give up as many times as you rise up

I have seen you question your actions and wonder

I have seen you doubt my love for you

And the pain of you pulling away always stings even worse each time

I have seen you pray for others and less for yourself

I have seen you wonder if you deserve for your prayers to be answered

I have felt your heartache in the face of rejection and failures

Because I ached with you

I have heard you cry yourself to sleep at night

For making mistakes you felt you should’ve known better than to make

I have heard you call yourself stupid and go so hard on yourself,

I have seen you battle with yourself to get better

I have seen you battle with the world to survive

Sometimes you forget to let me fight for your

I have seen you struggle to not disappoint your loved ones

I have seen you learn from your mistakes

I have seen you get hurt, and I have seen you hurt others

I have seen you fiercely try to find yourself

I have seen you try to figure Me out

I have seen you open yourself up to people

And I have seen you shut yourself off from people

My child I see you always

I have never taken my eyes off you….Never!!

I have loved you with an everlasting love

I am always with you

When you close your eyes and when you open them

I will never leave you nor forsake you 

In this year

I give you the permission to be all you want 

To make all the mistakes and remember I will be right there with you

I want to you to trust

Though I am not promising it will be easy

I promise I will be with you through it all

For I know the plans I have for you

To prosper you and not to harm you

To give you a future and a hope

I have seen you struggle to love me

That is why I have loved you first

So you can know how to love me

Don’t you stop believing in me

Don’t you stop believing in yourself

I have seen you live every moment of your life

I am with  you till the end of time my child 

I see you

I will take care of you

I will take your fragile little hands in mine

As we go through another year

I love you

This was initially supposed to be a letter from me to God. I wrote this on the eve of 2020 at a time when I felt I just wanted to talk to my Father about life so far but as I started writing, the thoughts changed and I found myself writing what would be a letter to me from God. It felt as though God was telling me He’d read the contents of my letter from my heart and that this was His reply.
I want to share this with you all, as we begin this year, in hopes that you’ll find a message in there for you too.

Wishing you the very best of 2022. Don’t be a stranger. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Forever your girl.



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