It’s interesting how you don’t realise you’re growing until boom!!

You’re a 26 year-old woman approaching 30… sorry 27.

It really does feel like the years just flew by

And left behind some very great memories

With the dawn of a new age comes the annual stock taking

The realization that I’m not where my younger self thought I’d be by now

The fear that I may have left my best years behind me

Wondering whether to throw in the towel and become a housewife

Or to keep going

Counting the many times I let myself down…

Wondering if it gets better

There’s also the beauty of counting my blessings

Knowing that it’s not always been bad

And that through it all God has been faithful

Grateful for the gift of life

And the memories therein

The big 2-7

I feel too old already

But age is just a number


And in my becoming

I look to the future with hope

To forgive myself for my past mistakes

To be kinder to myself

To be patient with myself

To not get lost in my own story

Looking at others

To celebrate the little victories

To believe in myself and in my journey

To be present in the present

One day at a time

One breath at a time…

Cheers to 27

This is a birthday post from your girl. Thank you for being a part of my journey. I love you all



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