“Fingers crossed for new horizons”… This was the phrase on my heart entering into 2022. Aside certain significant events I was looking forward to, I was also looking forward to new experiences… whatever they were going to be. How the said events would unfold, and whatever impacts these experiences would have on me, I couldn’t have imagined.

My goal this year was to improve on my quality as a person and it’s safe to say I’m on course. One major thing I learned to practice this year is to show up in the face of challenges or uncomfortable situations. I tend to cower or give up when things get seemingly hard. I would create the worst case scenario just so I can convince myself to give up. Gradually, without realizing it at first, I decided to show up. Show up when I was filled with fear, show up when I wasn’t certain how things would go, show up when I didn’t feel like it, show up, show up, show up!!

It’s been a roller coaster of a year for me with some major setbacks, disappointments, struggles and just a lot of unpleasant experiences. The highlights of my year would be the undying support and love of family, the unwavering kindness of friends and most importantly, the steadfast love and faithfulness of God through it all.

I saw a post online that said “after all the shege you saw in 2022, you survived”. I don’t know what kind of year you’ve had but by the Grace of God here we are ready to usher in the New Year. I want to congratulate you for making it to this moment. Celebrate your wins, forgive yourself for your mistakes, take a breath and relax for a minute, no one knows how it feels to be in your shoes, lift your head up… whatever we couldn’t achieve this year, come 2023 we go again.

Truth is, these last few days haven’t been exactly great for me and I’m not my usual excited self as I write this but I’m looking forward with hope and joy, just being still and knowing that God is in control.

My goal for 2023 is to keep working and improving on myself as a person and also (this is very dear to my heart) growing longer, fuller, healthier hair… lol

Just a girl and her fro loving up on each other ❤️

I wish you joy and happiness. I wish you success in all your endeavors. I wish you peace and sound mind. May your homes abound with joy and laughter. May you experience growth in your careers/businesses. I wish you good health and wealth. I pray for discernment for you to be able navigate through whatever comes your way in 2023. Remember to show love and kindness to all. I wish you love (especially my friends Sarah and Linda lol) as many times as you seek it. May the Good Lord be with us throughout 2023.

Always with love from your girl.



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