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Today’s post is titled ‘Giving Up My Crown’ and I’m sure most of you would be wondering ‘what crown’? and others probably guessing possible meanings. While I’d love to get into details ASAP, let me just give y’all a quick back story of how this post came about.
On the morning of Feb 11 this year, I woke up to a not-so-good message from my dad and being quite down from the message, I decided to go thru people’s status posts. I then got to a post of a wedding video and it was captioned “the feeling when you understand the words in the song”. In the video, the bridal entourage was jumping and lifting their hands up in response to a song being sung by the choir (or p&w team). The volume of my phone by then was on mute so I couldn’t hear the song but watching from the behavior of the bride and groom, Charley! I unmuted my phone to satisfy my curiosity. It was an unfamiliar song to me and thankfully my contact (the one who shared the video) also wrote some lyrics of the song which made it very easy finding the song on YouTube.

Found it! ‘God alone’ by Joyful Inc. with Hlengiwe Ntombela. I got hooked on the song immediately and played it on repeat as it led me thru my own special moment of worship. In my own tears, I opened up to God in prayer and worship concerning the problems at hand and finding my strength in Him no matter what. The chorus of the song goes;
“Father who can take your place, deserves the highest praise? You alone…
We give our CROWNS to You, we say You reign.. as God alo
The part of the song that got me thinking for was “we give our crowns to YOU…..” I wondered which crown we as humans could possibly give to God, the KING OF KINGS. But in my moment of worship, the Holy Spirit inspired to me in my own life what ‘CROWN’ represented. It may not necessarily be what the songwriter meant, but in my life, that’s what was inspired to me. Usually, in such moments, I’d either just keep what I’ve learned to myself or share with my friends and fellowship members around but thank God for this platform that allows me to share such wonderful and enlightening lessons/messages with a much larger audience.

So crown, crown, crown…. When I think crown, I think royalty; King, Queen, Prince, Princess etc. In this modern day, we are all encouraged to be Kings and Queens, to see ourselves as royalty and treat ourselves as such. This is a very good phenomenon because it seeks to improve the individual’s self-worth and boost self-confidence. Something we all need. Recently the phrase “the pride of life” has been coming to me a lot and I’ve been trying to understand how that plays in our everyday lives. Thankfully all these were answered during my moment of worship and enlightenment.
I identify as a strong , beautiful and intelligent melanin queen, and with that comes the feeling that I am enough and I matter.
You see the world told me to look into the mirror and recognize my beauty, so I did and it gave me my crown of beauty. The world told me,”look into yourself and believe in yourself”, so I did and with it came my crown of confidence and self-worth. The world recognized my strength in the face of adversities, my courage amidst troubles and so it gave me a crown. The crown that allows me to defend my ego and pride by sometimes (not always) going on the offense to put people in their place. My crown of beauty, my crown of confidence and power.

All hail the queen 👸🏼

ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!!…..Mhaame Yarh Bhenewarh Arloo…
One of her kind, a young, bold, beautiful and intelligent melanin Queen.
That’s the certification given me by the world.
“…we give our crowns to You, we say you reign as God alone”. These lyrics meant a whole new thing for me .. I was shown my crown and what it represented… so I don’t mean to be ungrateful World, but I’M GIVING UP MY CROWN!

I realized I’m a phony, for all the things the world crowned me for were given to me by God Himself. The battles the world thought I’d conquered on my own were in fact won by God for me. The strength the world thought I possessed in the face of troubles was actually from God , guiding and assuring me that He’d overcome everything.So yeah the world crowned me because they could only see the outward manifestation of the finished work of God in me and it’s only right that I give it to the rightful owner . I’m a Queen, not because of the things I’ve overcome; not because of the “worlds” I’ve conquered; not because of my strength or my beauty, but because of the Glory of God bestowed unto me (1Pet 2:9).Because of the sacrifice of Christ on Mount Calvary . So I relegate myself from my throne. In my life, I give the scepter, the crown and the throne to God for a robe of righteousness (Isaiah 61:10) and a crown of glory (1 Peter 5:4).
I don’t want the world to see my crown anymore, I want them to see God’s Glory…
So I’m giving up my crown.
Here’s a link to the song, and I hope it blesses you as it did me.
As always, don’t be a stranger.

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12 thoughts on “GIVING UP MY CROWN

  1. Thank you Maame Yhaa
    “I give my crown to you LORD”

    Hope our slay queens and kings read this paaa

  2. Woow! This is a beautiful writting and very profound… God continue to bless you… crowns off for the Lord

  3. great piece. Just want to add that exaltation follows surrender(giving up your crowns). Bless you hun.

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