“Elegance isn’t solely defined by what you wear. It’s how you carry yourself, how you speak, what you read.”

Carolina Herrera.

 My favorite quote from fashion designer Carolina Herrera defines my view of fashion, style and elegance. Fashion is art to me, the colors and textures of the different pieces put on a collection tell stories, convey emotions and deliver a message. Style has nothing to do with fashion directly, since the latter one changes a lot over time, but makes use of it. Everyone has a different style, it shows your personality, who you are, what you like, what you think, things no designer can guess. Now elegance, if you didn’t know, has nothing to do with money or social status. Your elegance is based on what you read, who are your friends and what places you frequent. Therefore “Fashion, style and elegance” form a trinity, they are connected and can’t be separated.

With that being said I believe my personality, my character as a Christian should be shown not only through my fashion but also through my behavior, the people I surround myself with, the way I speak and mostly on my philosophy of life, the Bible. Is there anyone better than Him to teach me what’s appropriate? May I not be fake, an actor playing a character in people’s eyes when deep down I am nothing but empty. And as a Christian may I not use the Bible as a weapon of condemnation judging others on their way of life but as a life boat for salvation.

photo credit: Yarh

It takes maturity to find your style, discover your personality and who you are. Maturity comes with growth not physical but spiritual, it takes time, as long as needed. Am I there yet? I don’t think so but I’ve found the way and I am ready to travel through fashion (find what’s for me and what’s not) to reach my final destination (my style). However, like most people, I used to struggle with thoughts of whether or not the outfits I chose were in accordance with my faith and principles; was I showing too much? Was it too tight? etc. I’ve come a long way and trust me when I tell you, making mistakes in fashion is what points you in the right direction. Acceptance has been my answer to those questions, it’s not about getting people’s attention, it’s not about looking fly, it’s not about becoming the “creme de la creme” but about being comfortable in my own skin. Knowing who you truly are, a Christian, already shapes your style but it isn’t until you own your title and right that your style gets polished, so you won’t have to worry about anything but simply be you.

I would define my style in three words: comfy, clean and casual. I am not a suit or formal wear guy, although when needed I can make an effort and try my best (like that time Molly forced me to suit up in order to attend her BD, lol).

I am in love with jeans/fit chinos, short sleeved shirts/white clean t-shirts and sneakers, to me they make the perfect outfit. When it comes to the use of color I like to challenge myself. Growing up, I was taught there were “manly” colors and “girly” colors (what a thing right?). So lately I worked on wearing vibrant “girly” colors, pink is my favorite and oh it suits me so well.

That’s what fashion represents to me, a journey from what I was taught to what I believe now.

As Christians we have a moral code (the bible) that teaches us what is for us and what is not, I am not suited to judge what fashion trends are good or bad. But I am the one who chooses what to put on, how do I do so? According to the teachings of His words, for now, I know what is for me and what not. That way I don’t feel pressured to keep up with the world but to keep up with what I believe.

I hope my fashion shows who am I, but I know it’s not in my hands to control what others might see or think, therefore my actions and words should speak for me. Every piece of cloth I own has a story behind (mostly memories), every color in an outfit convey different emotions (your emotions play a leading role in your outfits), but whatever message you are trying to spread, actions should be involved.

Are you not the light of the world? Then let that light shine through every aspect of your life, your choices, and acquaintances.And remember, fashion is made up to suit your purposes not the other way around, so go out and have fun exploring that creativity of yours.

Share your fashion adventures with us and tell us how you found your style.

With love, Thiago.

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13 thoughts on “FAITH AND FASHION… ep 2

  1. its a great piece tho but for a moment am like who is she talking about. Correct me if am wrong tho I thought its basically about u I mean Yarhsjournal unless we are to expect writeups from different people as well. but on a whole its a great writeup

    1. hi Beulah.. thanks for your usual support. Yes, Yarh’s Journal is primarily about me and my writings, however on topics that are broad and diversified as this… i find it much better to feature other writers to share their thoughts on the topic… as usual we will not move from the main purpose of this blog site…. thanks again for voicing your questions and thoughts.

  2. I love the fact that he brought in Elegance. It is indeed a trinity. Everything around me matters. I think i will make a conscious effort to take a good look. Beautiful piece as always.

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