My dear friends, all too soon the end of another year is upon us. We’ve all had our own unique experiences this year and if I were to ask, “how has your year been?” I’m sure I’ll receive various answers from you all.

First of all, I’m sending you all congratulatory hugs for coming this far and surviving whatever it is that 2021 threw at you. You’re all amazing. 

The beauty of the festive season,for me, is how in spite of all that may have happened to us in the course of the year, it’s all gratitude and thanksgiving as we say goodbye to the year and look forward to another. 

My greatest battle this year has been with myself as I became rather passive with a lot of things. I hope to do better in the next year.

This year I witnessed a lot of sudden losses, some of which hit too close to home, and so to each and every one of you who is still healing from your losses, I pray the Good Lord sees you through your period of mourning. In this year I came to terms with the uncertainty of life and how every thing could change within the next second. In the end, life is a very fickle business… here today and gone tomorrow.

As the final seconds of 2021 slowly tick by, I reckon I’m not only grateful for having made it to the end of the year but for so many other things that highlighted my year as well. I’m grateful for new friends, the restoration of friendships and most especially for the love of family. 

May we look forward to the New Year with renewed hope and joy. I pray that whatever decisions we’ve taken to do better in 2022, the Good Lord will give us the strength to be able to achieve. We know the year will come with it’s own seasons and I pray that whatever season you find yourself in at any point in time, you’ll shine. 

I wish you joy and happiness, I wish you good health and wealth, I wish you peace that only the Lord can provide, and I wish above all that you get everything your heart aches for according to the will of God.

Thank you for staying with me through it all, I’m always grateful to God for you guys, and to you guys for your constant support. 

Fingers crossed for new horizons

I wish you and yours the very best of 2022…

Forever your girl



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