They say they don’t make us like them anymore

You know

Not as humble

Not as submissive

Not as modest

Not as quiet or as lowly

As our mothers before us


would you look at that?

They question the source of our confidence

The sheer audacity!

To raise our heads

To stand our grounds

To have a voice

“Women of today” they call us

With a snare

Too loud

Too ambitious

Too sexy

Too pretty

Too smart and witty

Too much, like a man

They don’t recognize us anymore

They wonder…

If truly, we are our mothers’ daughters

For daring to break down their walls

For leaving when our mothers stayed

For speaking when they were quiet

For choosing our own paths

For dreaming big

For defining who we are by standards of our own

Carrying on a legacy they can’t quite explain

How could they be so oblivious to the truth?

That for all we are, we are not alone.

When we speak, we speak with the voices of our ancestors ringing through our necks

Our confidence only made stronger by their spirits raging within us

This ambitious revolution they see, the realization of dreams centuries old.

Moving us to do everything they couldn’t do when they were alive

All that they weren’t

All that they endured

All that they couldn’t become

One generation after the other,

They laid bricks to form the solid foundation

Preparing us for today

And for the women we have become

We are exactly who they meant us to be

If you looked close enough,

You would see traces of their fire and spirits burning in our eyes

Thumping within our hearts

We are our mothers’ daughters

Inspired by the women who are

From the women who were

For the women who are yet to be…


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14 thoughts on “

  1. In fact you need to write novels for publication. I thought I was reading a whole story I never knew it was so short. In fact am inspired by this write up…indeed you are a confident lady. You’ve demonstrated a lot brevity over the years and no wonder you’ve come this far in life. Continue telling us more about your life experiences and how far you’ve come in your life journey and am sure it really gonna inspire a lot of people. Bravo my dearest sister. God be with you. Without further ado, I wish you a glorious Easter.

  2. …I also wonder, how can they not see that we are our mothers’ daughters. Excellent piece. Bravo Yarh!

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