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Wow! It’s been super long since we last talked and I’m so sorry that has been the case. You guys have always been on my mind and I’m happy to finally have something to share.

Now, I know the title seems a little controversial but I’m hoping that by the end of the post, you’d get why I titled it so. I’m really looking forward to your comments as usual so don’t be a stranger, talk to your girl!

When the church is not enough…

This is not an attack on any one particular denomination, “church” here refers to the institution as a whole.

I watched a video of a girl on YouTube who was sharing her story on how she overcame a porn addiction and other sexual perversions. As she told her story, she mentioned how she grew up in the church and all but still didn’t know what a relationship with God looked like. It wasn’t until high school where a friend of hers evangelized to her that she got understanding and conviction. At this point, I realized her story so far was no different from mine and that I’d heard similar stories elsewhere. I’ll share the link to her video at the end of the post if you’re interested in her story.

During one of our small group meetings back in school, the leader suggested we spend the time sharing our stories about the moment we met and received Jesus. You know that moment when Jesus was more or less unwrapped from whatever we had kept Him in and finally became a reality to us. As each person shared her story, I noticed a pattern. Almost each person’s story had the element of growing up in the church and yet somehow not being able to actually appreciate the what a relationship with Jesus is like. And my story was no different.

I grew up in the church, started from children’s class where I learnt about various famous bible stories. As I aged, I moved from one class to the next and then to baptismal class after which I got baptized and then graduated to the main church where the adults worship. Worshipping in the main church is really cool because that’s where there is serious preaching of the word and that’s where you get to enjoy the whole church experience; songs by quartets, presentations by singing band and choir, regular church updates etc etc. Above all these, it’s also an appreciation of the fact that you’re a big girl/boy.

Now, I’m an Adventist and so whatever I say in relation to me would be from there but all the stories I heard that inspired today’s post are from friends/strangers who belong to various denominations.

I realized, rather interestingly, that in spite of the fact that most of us grew up in the church and came from Christian homes, we had our “Jesus moment” outside of the church.

I’m sure some of you here can name one or two people who went to school or moved somewhere and then came back suddenly very “spiritual’ and claiming to be “born again”.

Some found Jesus during personal outreach programs in high school, some heard a sermon online and decided to search further, etc etc. It was always outside of the church setting and this got me thinking.

When I listened to my friends share their stories, when I watched videos of how others found Jesus and when I compared it all with my own story, I realized something not very comforting. I realized that there were many people like me in the church. People who, upon all the Bible stories, upon all the teachings of what’s wrong or right, upon all the lessons on the doctrines of the church, still didn’t know Jesus. At least not in a personal way. And it wasn’t just me, the stories I heard proved that the situation was repeating in other places as well.

I wondered why all these people seemed to be receiving the gospel, seemed to be finding answers outside of the place that they normally should. It’s like receiving treatment outside of the hospital.

When the church is not enough…

Salvation is a personal thing, the relationship with Jesus is personal and can’t be inherited or attained by virtue of one’s position or status. There are people in the church who do not know Jesus, people who are still searching for the light of the world, there are people in the church who are actually dead within… Church doesn’t confer salvation on anyone.

Now I am not saying that the church is ineffective and unnecessary. On the contrary, I acknowledge why the church exists. I go to church and do not plan on stopping to worship in my room alone. No sir!

I have, however, detected a pattern that causes me to take a proper look at what exactly is going on. To sit and ponder; what could be wrong. What are we teaching? Who are we preaching? And most importantly, what is the spiritual state of our members?

How does the church improve her efficacy?

How does the church become relevant to the needs of her members?

How do I help in that regard?

Of course, we can’t exist or achieve anything of our own outside the will of the Father .

When the church is not enough…

So what do you think guys?

Let’s have a conversation…share your thoughts with me and hopefully I’ll come back again to conclude after further reflection.

Until then, I love you all so much.

Here’s the link as promised… https://youtu.be/1eF1edrQuFU

Covid-19 is still in the system so follow the protocols y’all. God be with you in whatever stage of life you’re in right now. Jesus loves you. Take care…..



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