I was made to be loved

In every sense of the word

For I long for the attention of my lover

For his touch

And a hunger that can never quite be satisfied

I desire that my lover never tire of me


I was made to be spoiled and doted upon

To be wined and dined

Brought flowers

Morning whispers of love

Tight hugs and showers of kisses

Romantic gestures and slow dances


Careful! they warn

Do not dream too much!

I will have none of that

O! allow me to smile and wander in the warmth of my imagination

For my creator made me so

Surely I have His permission to be this intoxicated with love

Even He died for me as an expression of His love

And by His sacrifice He has showed me


I was not made to be an option

I was not made to settle

I want it all

The commitment, the faithfulness

The friendship, the trust

To be respected, to be honoured

That our hearts be synchronised

And our souls be consumed by the raw flames of our passion


Do not will me to be ashamed of my desires

Your ways have I tried

And no good they did me

To listen to you any longer

Is to betray who I am


I am a delicate flower to be tended

A priceless jewel to be cherished

Call me entitled if you may

For uniquely I have been made

A fierce lover at heart

A hopeless romantic

Tis this way I have been made

I was made with love

I was made to be loved.


To the one who dreams on, to the one who dares to love. Own your love language, own your truth. You were made to be loved.

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13 thoughts on “MADE TO BE LOVED

  1. Indeed you were made to be loved. A beautiful and kind hearted personality as u are deserves all the love in this world.

  2. Powerful and beautifully written, felt every word of it. Thanks for sharing. Certainly am loved!

  3. You absolutely and definitely right about that and whoever says otherwise can go and …..don’t wanna finish that statement because of obvious reasons hahaha

    Always know you are worth it all and then some

  4. amazing poetry, let us all own our love language and never settle for less. thank you always for inspiring me personally. You’re as good as it gets.

  5. I was made to be loved❤️❤️❤️ Finally someone who shares my POV. I think people who feel not nice according to comparisons with others need to hear this!

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