Hi beautiful people, hope you’re all doing awesome wherever you’re reading this from.

So I was in town last week and I saw something very interesting that not only brought a smile to my face but warmed my heart a lot. I saw two guys on the road with their bodies painted in the party colors of the NPP and NDC marching hand in hand and campaigning for their candidates. It was really a sight to behold. Unfortunately, when the thought occurred to take a shot of them, the driver had already passed them by. I was immediately inspired to share this very simple and short message with you all.

It’s election season again and December 7 is fast approaching which means we are going to vote!!! I’ll be voting for the first time ever and I’m not at all looking forward to the long queues and the potential stress this whole process promises to bring.

As is very characteristic of the season, our TV channels, radio waves, newspapers and all other forms of media outlets have been plagued with political talk shows, debates, and various forms of campaigns. Our presidential candidates have each delivered their manifestos in the hopes of securing our votes.

As much as we look forward to the election date, we are not oblivious of the frailty of the peace we so enjoy now. It is very encouraging to see various peace ads and campaigns (even memes) in circulation urging us to protect the peaceful environment in our motherland before, during and after the election, no matter the outcome.

Unlike other election years, the world is currently still battling with the COVID-19 pandemic and if there’s anything I’ve learnt from this whole experience as an international student, it’s that you want to be in your own country when disaster strikes. There’s no place like home. This is to say that, honestly, I do not know which country will be in the position or be willing to receive refugees from Ghana should war break out now. We have more reason for a peaceful election now than we’ve ever had. You and I simply cannot afford the cost of war.

Come December 7, let’s go out in our numbers to vote for our candidates and patiently await the results in all anxiety. We can only have one winner at the end of the day, let that be Ghana.

In Ghana we don’t fight after elections, we go to court and read pink sheets…. (that was supposed to be funny hehe)

In Ghana, though we may disagree and argue passionately, we love peace… (low-key we be fearos)

In Ghana, we tease and make funny memes of those who lost the election and then move on.

Ghana we dey…

After election comes Bronya… that’s what we’re looking forward to.


Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. 
John 14:27

God bless our homeland Ghana.

Forever your girl.



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6 thoughts on “IT’S TIME TO VOTE AGAIN!!

  1. Very inspiring message as always…..

    I believe peace ✌️ will prevail as it has always been in the previous years…So I pray for a peaceful election come December 7th…

  2. You have demonstrated a great sense of understanding in election even though 7th December gona be the first time you will vote, your post have a great sense of advice that many people will learn something positive out from it. I like the fact that you loaded some kind of funny stuff in your write up. In all, this post is a very good one and it is going to teach the citizenry so many things to learn from. I am so much overwhelmed with this post and am looking forward to seeing another mind-blowing article from you after the election.Peace we pray for during and after the elections. May the peace of Yahweh reigns as far as our lives is important for the development of Mother Ghana.

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